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In today’s world, nutrition for kids and children is a vital task to care about for mothers. In doing this, looking for ways to encourage healthy eating habits for their children, they also visit social media in search of informative videos, often promoted by companies like The Marketing Heaven, with tips and tricks that can help them do so. Children are engaged in academic, sports, drug rehab, extra curriculum activities, and on the other side addicted with smart phones, indoor games and computers with no proper exercise to comfort their body in digestion check out

School lifetime is the best period for the kids nutrition to boost their energy slowly in steady growth.

They spent most of the time in schools rather than home, fond of eating the foods of their choices, eat meals from the friend’s lunch boxes, and even-worse bringing their lunch box back home without having the meals.

It results in developing the health problems, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Are they coping up with the nutrition diets to balance the challenges in strengthening their physical and mental health?

And the schools and parents incorporating the nutrition diet to the children towards their eating habits?

Let’s see in detail to catch up with the regular practice of maintaining the children’s diet with healthy and tasty foods.

1. Start with morning food- Breakfast:

In today’s reality, in the busy schedule of daily life, parents don’t have time to sit down to feed their children in the morning for the school preparation or keep an eye on them whether they ate the breakfast completely?

Encourage the kids to have the morning meals fully (without skipping) by giving them protein foods, boiled-eggs, fruits, dairy, bread, and grains with mom’s regular culinary dishes.

This routine can make them active and energetic on regular and exams days and can hassle-free from hunger before their lunch schedule begins.

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2. Priority to Noon-time Meal:

The mid-day lunch is the preference to feed balanced meals to the children where they can eat more in their hunger.

When children are in taking the noon meals with rice food, vegetables, soaked legumes, curd, and buttermilk in the toss and turn days, low-calorie items will ultimately improve their body healthier, increase the concentration and regulate appetite.

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Schools and Institutions take care of the food service department to afford quality nutrition to the students to intake their meals with protein, fibers, fresh fruits, and rich grains makes them cherish when served on the plate and have their school lunch with complete 20-30 minutes on time.

3. Eating Snacks after School Time:

School-aged children usually take evening snacks primarily after their school time.

They prefer snacks with fried, oil, or any junk foods readily available when reaching home or leave from school, to add fuel to their carving.

They can nourish with crunches of veggies, toasted bread, pulses, rice pancakes, dry snacks, milkshakes, and Smoothies for the evening snacks makes their body to balance resistance and vitality to carry on their evening classes and activities.

4. The Meals before Night:

In every house, most often the dinner dishes would be the choice of their children, they prefer. They don’t want to repeat the dishes that cooked in the morning or evening.

Sometimes mothers need to prepare the foods they wish and want them to have fully.

But most of the children will not consume the complete meal served on their plate.

They eats half or 3/4 of their plate, and the next day morning wakes up with hunger or look tiredness and pale.

  • The dinner time is where family or classmates chat and share the day’s happenings.
  • Some kids are picky eaters and often refuse to have food that contains a small amount of items they don’t like.
  • A good light meal with fruits makes trouble-free for kids to teenagers to easily digest and start their next day with fresh and lively.

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