hospital Catering

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We are not just preparing food, We are creating experiences.

Sai Foods main function of health care catering is to follow NABH all standard with Hygienic & aseptic condition. To serve appetizing & nourishing meals to the patients is what we focus on. We believe patients deserve good, nutritious food to aid with their recovery and make their stay pleasant. We plan and execute suitable diets which in addition will have a therapeutic effect.

With the rising cases of covid-19 rehabs near you the demand for a healthy meal has been increased. Apart from healthy food, safety is also a major concern during Covid-19. This is exactly where Sai foodsHospitality comes to your aid and provides the best patient meal service during Covid-19. It provides reliable hospital Catering Services in India and ensures you get the best meal ever.

Sai foods is providing Healthcare catering services and ensuring patients are getting better meals. The company follows all the protocols mandatory to follow during covid-19 while providing Healthcare Food Catering Services in India. Sai foodsHospitality takes bulk orders while offering Healthcare catering services in India. It delivers delicious food and takes bulk orders at affordable prices for patients. You can order food from Sai foods Hospitality and stay care-free about the bulk purchase at

Proper Hygiene

Complete hygiene is something you want when you are desperately looking for Healthcare Food Catering Services. Certainly, Sai foodsHospitality is the right choice. Sai foods promises better taste, enhanced hygiene and complete safety for patients.